About the Film

Frame Switch is a thriller that takes place in a world permeated and defined by video. That is, our world. With found-footage from surveillance cameras, dash-cams, web-cams, cell phones, TV news, satellites and drones, Frame Switch unravels a mystery.

When a devastating wildfire ravages the city and ignites a pile of discarded tires, City Auditor Mercedes Lara discovers a conspiracy involving corruption and murder, and she must face down the powerful attorney behind the crimes to escape with her life. Each character in Frame Switch holds a piece of the puzzle, but only the viewer can see the true scope of the horror.

Frame Switch is written by John Herndon and directed by Drew Thomas. The film stars Deanna Brochin, Gary Kent, Jon Michael Davis, Al Bianchi, Manny Rey, Kevin Kinkade, David Sturgeon, Sarah Uszler, Selena Silvas, Max Green, Josh Durham, Don Daro, Timeca Siretti, and Bobby Sargent.